Extend the Life of your Firearms and Cleaning Equipment with Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals

The hallmarks of a good firearm are precision and reliability. When either of these are called into question, it spells trouble for the gun owner. For those in military or law enforcement careers it can be deadly to have a firearm that is not functioning at its best. That is why it’s so important to keep your weapons properly cleaned and maintained after use. Making an ultrasonic cleaner part of your ongoing maintenance regiment is a step in the right direction, but without the proper ultrasonic cleaning chemicals, you could be doing more harm than good.

Firearms are an investment, and one that may very well save your life at a moment’s notice. That’s why people take cleaning and maintaining them so seriously. Whether you’re just cleaning your own guns, or you’re cleaning guns for friends, family members or coworkers, or agency, the use of an ultrasonic gun cleaner will help penetrate the most hard to reach places to produce clean, lubricated firearms every time. Choosing the right ultrasonic cleaning chemicals is the key to preventing premature firearm failures or cosmetic problems.

At GunCleaners.com, our ultrasonic cleaning chemicals are formulated to work with our ultrasonic cleaning equipment and provide superior cleaning and lasting protection for all manner of firearms. No matter how heavily you use your guns, regular cleaning with our ultrasonic cleaners and chemicals will help to breakdown carbon fouling and keep parts lubricated. Unlike traditional gun cleaning kits, ultrasonic cleaners can penetrate hard to clean areas impossible to reach by had with ease. The result is greater cleaning efficiency in less time.

Our ultrasonic cleaning chemicals are not as harsh as other solvent based cleaners and don’t contain any of the hazardous chemicals. They have little or no odor, non-flammable and have no shipping or storage restrictions. Our cleaning concentrate also offers more cleanings with less fluid. Our gallon of concentrate generally yields about 21 gallons of cleaning solution versus our competitor’s 11 gallons. That means you can get more ultrasonic cleaning yield for less money. Our lubricating/moisture displacing  solution also saves time by protecting parts inside and out leaving a factory new appearance.

If you’re serious about keeping your firearms functioning at their peak, you should ensure you are using our own custom formulated ultrasonic cleaning chemicals. For more information about our cleaning products give us a call at 1-877-823-5410. We will be glad to assist you.

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