Guncleaners VS the Competition

GUNCLEANERS has stayed ahead of the competition for years by providing the best equipment, chemicals, process and customer service available.

1. Equipment:

Our industrial stack transducers are much larger than the competition's wafer type shown above. The industrial stack transducer combined with our patented TrueSweep power generator with constant power output drives the cleaning solution with much greater force. This extra power translates into faster cleaning times using a safe, less aggressive non-hazardous cleaning solution. The heavy duty stainless steel drain position baskets are easier to use, (no more hand holding above the tank), and will give years of service life. The basket bottoms where the parts rest on round wire have very little contact area with the parts and will not scratch or otherwise damage the finish. In addition, there is no sound absorbing polycarbonate present to reduce ultrasonic efficiency.

The above images show typical differences between our industrial quality construction and performance versus other ultrasonic tank manufacturers.

Gun Cleaners

The above images show typical differences between our industrial quality construction
and performance versus other ultrasonic tank manufacturers.

2. Chemicals:

Our professional gun cleaning concentrate yields about 4 guns per oz. VS the competitions 2 guns per oz. Our gallon yields 21 gallons of cleaning solution VS 11 gallons for the competitors cleaning concentrate.

Our lubricant has little or no odor VS the competitions oil having a significant solvent odor. It removes water and is blown off with compressed air leaving a very light coating of protective oil on the field stripped parts VS the competition's "lubricating solution" treated parts that turn bone dry, becoming whitish color from lack of oil. Our lubricant is recyclable and re-usable VS the competition oil having to be replaced at 35 guns per gallon.

3. Process:

These systems are perfect for those performing a gun cleaning service. We get great cleaning results in 3 to 6 min . While competitors and us recommend clean rinse and lubricate, blowing off the parts with compressed air is mandatory in the gun cleaning application for the following reasons: Blowing off parts after the rinse dislodges un-burned powder, brass particles, and other debris loosened but not removed from the parts and prevents introducing excess water into the lubricant. After lubrication for about 3 minutes , blowing off excess oil removes any traces of water and remaining debris, especially in trigger mechanisms, firing pin channels and gas tubes. After the lube process, all the metal parts are protected inside and out with only a small amount of thicker oil needing to be applied to the high wear areas like fame/slide or as the gun manufacturer recommends. The guns are clean inside and out, like the way the gun left the factory.

With the competition’s process, the parts are cleaned for 5 to 12 min., rinsed then drained for 2 min. then placed in their lube solution for 10 min . After lubing you have to wait 5 min. for the parts to dry. Blow off is optional after rinse and prohibited after lubing. This process slow and ineffective because the internal parts, firing pin channels, pins, springs, and trigger mechanisms still have loose debris trapped inside. Ultrasonic cleaning will loosen debris in the numerous concealed areas in gun parts and assemblies, but it cannot be removed from these areas without the help of compressed air. The competitors end result is a gun that is very clean externally, bone dry inside and out, with trapped debris in concealed areas. You then have to hand lubricate/protect the external and internal metal parts.

Gun Cleaners

4. Customer Service:

The GunCleaner's firearm clean & lube system was developed by the world's largest ultrasonic tank manufacturer and a person with extensive firearm knowledge and experience, making it the world’s best ultrasonic cleaner. When you call Police Products Corp. with a question or problem with the equipment, you will be talking to a current FFL and NFA dealer (in business over 25 years) and shooting enthusiast who will spend whatever time it takes to answer questions, offer clean/lube process tips and advice on various firearms from sporting through police/military arms.

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